photo de la façade


At the end of a long alley, the stately Gate lodge displays its Doric pilasters supporting a classical entablature. Together with its adjoining long brick and stone aisles sheltering arched stables, it provides the estate with a horse shoed entrance towards the main courtyard.

The Hall, which was built in 1750 by Raoul Coignart, also well known as the architect of Valloire Abbey, displays a superb, robust and imposing front. Don’t miss the well balanced arrangement of its 19 bays and the quality of the carved keystones as well as the stiles of the large windows.

The oak wainscot lining in the former lounge of the Abbey is thought to have been designed by the Austrian Sculptor Pfaff, known for his clear Rocaille style.

A large stone stairway with one flight leading to a landing and two other flights elegantly making their ways to the first floor was added to the Southern aisle of the cloister by the late Baron de Fourment, in 1887, conceived by the local architect Clovis Normand. It is unfortunately over decorated and rather narrow. The floor is decked with a mosaic, lion muzzles flank the staircase, the keystones bear heavy heraldic ornaments, and the plinths of the statues are embedded in niches. The wall decoration calls up the Rocaille style whereas the partitioned ceiling recalls the 17th century.

The inside of most of the buildings on the estate as well as the park have been listed among the prestigious French Historic Buildings since 1946.

The Host building was entirely listed in 1947 for its roofs, fronts, rooms, fireplaces and downstairs wainscots, the gate lodge was listed for its façade and its roof.


Du 15 avril au 15 octobre 2012. Du mercredi au dimanche.

OUVERTURE EXCEPTIONNELLE > 1er mai, 8 mai et 28 mai!


Visite guidée uniquement (durée 1h environ) à 13h30, 14h45, 16h00 et 17h15.
> Visite des intérieurs : salons classés MH, galerie de cloître, escalier...
> Visite des extérieurs : parc, pavillon des moines, glacière...

Groupes : toute l'année sur réservation.

Visite thématique : de mai à octobre, découvrez un thème différent le premier samedi de chaque mois à 15h00.


Adultes = 5€
- de 18 ans*, étudiants*, demandeurs d'emploi* = 3€
- de 10 ans* accompagné d'un adulte = gratuit

*sur présentation d'un justificatif

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